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aerospace engineering for weight optimized products.
Both elements of our brand name have a meaning relative to our company's philosophy:
AEROZINE, a rocket fuel in former times establishes a link to our background - aerospace engineering for weight optimized products.
TITANIUM, the most sophisticated metal - light like a aluminum, tough like steel, plays an important role in our products range.
Processing titanium requires special knowledge and experience.
Computer aided design and engineering, finite element analysis, forging, CNC manufacturing are the basis for product development.
Our proudcts are a dynamic culmination of design, engineering and manufacturing.
We are constantly evolving in order to keep space with the market and raise its performance standards.
Hollow Forged

Hollow Forged

  • Increasing stiffness and strength, delivering top-level performance in a lightweight, beautifully-engineered package.


  • Forged AL-7050-T6 Alloy Arms.
  • In Its raw state AL-7050 is impressives we create the highest quality AL-7050 Aluminum parts.
  • AL-7050 is 70% stronger than commonly used 6061 aluminum.
CNC Machined

CNC Machined

  • Fully forged for maximum fatigue resistance and then extensively CNC machined for accuracy tolerence.
Alloy Forged Axle

Alloy Forged Axle

  • New axle system
  • Lightweight / Strongest material
ALS System

ALS System

  • ALS system by STRONGLIGHT design
  • The Adjust Length System
  • Reversible insert to easily change the length.

The Crankset Weight

  • Compare the lightest crankset 760g w / bottom bracket 
    (lighter than hollow tech crankset)
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